Why Asia?


Hey Everyone!!

So as I write this it is only 30 days until we fly to Asia and I could not look forward to it more. It has been such a long time coming.

The one question people keep asking me is why Asia?? Well it was alot of factors that came into play when we were trying to decide where we wanted to go!

  1. First we had to decide on a budget. Like so many of you, we aren’t in a position to just up and leave whenever we feel like.  We have a house and car to pay for, never mind the student dept on top of all that. Thankfully I’m married to an accountant so we have been on a budget planning this for awhile. The number we decided on including loss wages (as I only get unpaid time off) was $10,000.
  2. What is it that we want out of this trip? Matt has been in school working towards getting his CPA designation for 6 years so number one on our list was relaxation. Which to us means some beach time! So must have list: Beach. We also love to experience culture whether it be through sites, people or food. Second on must have list: Culture. The last thing we really want is time. Six years is a long time and alot of effort to put in and we need some serious down time once it is all done and over with. So the absolute minimum amount of time we want to go for was 3 week.
    Trip Must have list:
    – Beach
    –  Culture
    – At least 3 weeks

Alright so now that we knew what we wanted and what we could afford the search start. I spent countless hours researching and pricing things out and we were debating about quite a few options. The hard thing was we both want to see the whole world, there’s not anything in particular that we look for! The top options we came up with were
– Europe
– 1 week in Caribbean with friends then somewhere in Asia for 2-3 weeks
– South East Asia

Well we eventually decided on South East Asia. It has everything we want and super affordable for what we want. Thankfully the friends that wanted to join us were down for anything and more than excited to do Thailand with us instead of the Caribbean. And Europe, well it’s expensive! Had we done that instead we could’ve only done about 3 weeks where as now we are doing 6 weeks!

Our plan as of right now is to start in Cambodia which is so rich in culture, then through Thailand with our friends (hello Full Moon Party ;)) fly to Singapore for a few days and end in gorgeous, romantic Bali.

So my 2 pieces of advice for planning a trip whether it be all-inclusive, backpacking, camping and such is:
– What can you afford? You don’t want to go on a trip just to come back to a mountain of debt because you didn’t take your finances into consideration.
– Make a Must Have list. What are the things that you want out of this trip?

Do you have any other planning tips??? Let me know in the comments, I love to hear from you guys!

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  1. | 21st Aug 17

    Wow guys that sounds truly exciting. I am so happy for you. Blessings to both of you. Love you.

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