Only fear a life unlived…

Almost 7 years ago, I married the love of my life, you have probably seen Matt in more than a few of my pictures. We are both “planners”  and are constantly talking about what our next adventure will be. Ya’all should see the spreadsheet for our trip to Asia, it is quite impressive but that’s what I get for marrying an accountant 😉 I am not the spreadsheet type, but like to literally write everything down to have it organised so I know what to expect.

So you can imagine how when Matt surprised me on our 5 year anniversary with a road trip, it kind of took me aback a bit. I thought oh well, at least I didn’t have to do any of the planning and I can just enjoy it all. About 4 hours into the trip he let me know we were going to Golden, BC and I was so excited. We had been through there before and had the time of our life white water rafting so naturally I thought that’s what we were going there to do. Well I was wrong…

We spent the next day just exploring the town. It’s pretty small but so charming. We found this cute little bookstore with a coffee shop on the second floor in this old house on main street. It had creaky stairs and had that old book smell. I wish I had taken pictures but just trust me and check it out if your ever there.

Matt had even planned out all the restaurants we were going to check out. I can’t exactly remember the name of the place we went but it was this bar with a riverside patio! I love the water, so sitting there listening to it while sipping sweet iced tea was perfect.

We ordered an appie platter to share. Now I have to tell you all about these amazing risotto balls! They were goat cheese sun-dried tomato risotto balls that you dipped in this sauce and they were to die for!!! No joke I am still craving them to this day.

So as we’re sitting there in this perfect place, eating this amazing food, Matt decides that this is a good time to tell me we are going zip-lining tomorrow. I thought he was shitting me. Remember how I told you we talk about all our next adventures? Well we had talked about zip-lining before and I’ve always said I wanted to do it one day but I am petrified of heights. For example, have you ever been to West Edmonton Mall? On the second floor all the railings are glass, well I cautiously stand 5 feet back. You know just in case it breaks or I forget how to stand and fall over the glass. Totally reasonable lol.

From that point on I was nervous. Ziplining is something I have always wanted to do but I didn’t know if I could actually do it. Facing a fear, any fear at all is terrifying. Well we got there, I put on the harness and I did the first 2 runs surprisingly easily. They were baby ones, not to say I wasn’t still scared but that I could handle. Well then we get to the third and final run. We had to walk up this tower and fly off of there. It took me a good 15 minutes to get to the top, one very small step at a time with a ton of encouragement from the whole group we were with.

I knew if I didn’t go first there was no way I was doing it at all. So the guide slowly hooked me up telling me oh it’s just one thing at a time. I of course being brave closed my eyes the entire time and before I knew it we were ready to go. I asked him one more time if he was sure everything was solid. His response was “Oh ya. We just replaced the cable cause it snapped last week.” I must have given him the look of horror. He said he was just kidding right has he pulled the latch and the next thing I know I am flying through the air.

It was a very weird mix of emotions. At first I had my eyes squeezed shut sure I was going to die. Then a thought came to my mind. My dear friend had a quote she lived by “Only fear a life Unlived.” So that is what I did in that moment. I put my feelings aside and opened my eyes because in that moment I was already flying through the air and should something happen like the cable snapping I would have missed out.

It was breathtaking. Being twice as high as the trees flying over a canyon and then the river as if I was free as a bird. It was the most incredible experience and made me feel so truly alive in that moment.

That feeling is what I am chasing in life. To not just live the same day thousands of times over but to truly live my life every day to the fullest. Though I am still stuck having to keep a 9-5 job I try to still find all the little things in everyday life that make me feel like I am embracing my life.



  1. Jacky | 25th Jul 17

    Very inspiring!! I guess this calls for our skydiving adventure 😉

    • Destination: Living | 27th Jul 17

      Thank you! I prefer being below cloud level lol

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