How to make the best out of the worst situations

Ok so if there is one thing that almost anyone knows about me it is that I have THE worst luck with vehicles! No joke!

It all started when we bought a used Dodge Caliber in 2012. It was in good shape, had low km’s and was our first big purchase after we got married so we were really excited! I kid you not, after not even a year of having it, the transmission blew. Matt was in the midst of finals so it was the worst time for it to break down.

I had to argue until I was blue in the face with the service manager at the Dodge dealership to get them to do it under warranty. I mean come on, it was under 70,000 km’s! After that every time we took it to get maintenance done there was a bill of $500+ minimum for work that had to be done. At this point I was already just done with the thing.

In 2016 we took a weekend off in one of the busiest summers ever to go get some much needed R&R at a family campout. We drove for just over 2 hours when the engine over heated and our car died! You can only imagine my frustration, sitting on the side of a road with this lemon of a vehicle!

We called my brother who is a mechanic and asked what in the world we do now. We let it cool off and thankfully it started again so we made it to slave lake.

Well… we weren’t going anywhere for awhile. The shops had already all closed for the day and we didn’t feel safe on the road in Northern Alberta without a reliable car.

We checked a few hotels but everyone was sold out except for their executive suites and not wanting to spend $300+ for 1 night we thought lets check the campgrounds since we already have all our stuff with us.

We found this cute little campground that was already closed for the night but had an emergency number which not having anywhere really to sleep seemed like an emergency.

They were kind enough to come let us in and get us a site right by the water. After setting up our tent we sat down on the beach with a few beers and laughed!

I could have really let all my frustration with the car get to me and ruin my day. Instead I realized how ridiculous and out of my control the situation was that I was just thankful for the kindness of the campground owner so we had a place to stay and that my husband was there with me.

In life and especially travelling you are thrown into situations or places that are out of your comfort zone and I think it is important to keep a level head and embrace whatever positive you can from the experience. I now look back on this day as a fond memory of me and Matt  🙂



  1. Betty Wall | 17th Jul 17

    great pics

  2. Betty | 12th Jul 17

    Ahh, this post has lots of mixed emotion, thankful that the positive one prevailed.
    And yea I can vouch for your bad luck with vehicles.

    • Destination: Living | 18th Jul 17

      Yes it does, having car trouble is so stressful when you know nothing about them. I’m glad we made the best out of the situation.

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