The 1 thing you cannot miss in Nassau…

I was only 17 when we went, that was 8 years ago, and it was my first time out of the country so we only left the resort a few times. I am sure for those of you who have spent a significant amount of time there and had time to thoroughly explore the many islands of the Bahamas this might not be your top thing to do but if you are there for a short time and want to explore a little do not miss going downtown!


The streets are lined with tourists shops but venture a little further and go down the back alleys! There are so many unique shops with anything and everything. There were art and woodwork shops and someone that made model size trucks from Coca-cola cans! We spent a good few hours just roaming away. At the end of the street is a large market, make sure to check that out!

Stopping for lunch we decided to try this little outdoor restaurant in one of the back alleys and the food was delicious!

After lunch we wandered a little further and found this art shop. The lady that owned it was originally from the states but she fell in the love with island and moved there to open her own art studio. Talk about living the dream! Maybe one day…

*** Tip: If your staying on Paradise Island you can take a ferry back instead of a taxi!


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